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Cellular coverage datasets

SpeedChecker collects large amounts of signal measurements world wide. The signal measurements are collected according to our data collection methodology and aggregated for easier processing. We provide this data in a raw format specified below as well as integrated into our Crowdsourcing system for visual analysis.

Sample coverage map

coverage map sample

Coverage dataset format

Sample specification

ItemDescriptionUnitsExample value
DateMeasurement datestring2020.01.11
SizeBin area size square metersmeters10000
RATMobile Network Radio Access TypestringWCDMA
MCCMobile Country Codeinteger208
MNCMobile Network Codeinteger15
CellIDCI / U_CI / EUCID / BSID / CellID / NCIinteger4025868
PCIBSIC / PSC / PCI / PN Code / N_CellID / PCIinteger148
TACTracking Area Codeinteger196387
Signal ValueSignal Strength: 2G: RxLev, 3G: RSCP, 4G: RSRP, 5G: ssRSRPdBm-105
Signal LevelVerbal signal strength classificationstringMODERATE
ChannelFrequency channelinteger1350
Signal LevelAmount of raw measurements per bininterger8
Signal Quality3G UMTS: CPICH EcNo, 4G LTE: RSRQ, RSSNR, CQIdB-10 dB

Bin definition

Rssi average (bin) = -90 DBm
Count = 11

bin definition sample

Signal Quality

  • Great
  • Good
  • Moderate
  • Weak